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Ak47 Kush


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What is Ak47 Kush And Its Properties?

AK-47 is an F1 hybrid from Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds. Created in 1992, its exact lineage remains secret, yet seed bank owner and breeder Simon says it’s around a 65:35 Sativa/Indica hybrid of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani descent.

Serious Seeds carries both regular and feminized AK-47 seeds and reports a solid, fruity scent from the strain, coupled with a powerful, dependable “Indica” high.

AK-47 has won 16 honors, including first Hash at the Barcelona High Life Cup in 2005, first Sativa at the Toronto Treating Yourself Expo in 2011 and third Hybrid at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Serious Seeds reports AK-47 grows to medium height with few leaves and produces fat, dense clusters of large, resin-cold colas in a 56-multi day flowering period. Its THC content has been tested as high as 21.5%, and the strain reportedly emits a solid smell during growth.

The breeder reports the strain is easy to grow – both inside and out – responds well to hydroponic systems and reaches development around Oct. 15 under natural light. Feminized plants may require an extra week of flowering, and may grow shorter than non-feminized plants.


An unnamed blend of Colombian, Mexican, Afghani, and Thai genetic lines


Created by Serious Seeds’ principle breeder, Simon, AK-47 came from a mixed sack of genetic heritage and was fundamentally an accidental discovery. Its name comes from its “one-hit wonder” effects. The plant has been a long-lasting contest and cup winner, winning eight competitions spread over 10+ years — a true legend of a strain with incredible fortitude.


Solid, sweet, and fruity — the smell can get crazy when the plants are growing, so carbon filters are energetically recommended.


Spice-heavy and somewhat sweet, often tasting of sandalwood… the Cherry and Cherry-Lime phenotypes are known for coordinating the taste of their namesake fruits.


A balanced experience that changes as indicated by harvest timing (late harvest produces more of an Indica-like, heavy experience), AK-47 is known for being very potent overall. The Sativa attributes keep it from being too heavy and opiate, however, there’s plenty of body effect and relaxation to go around. Appetite incitement and muscle relaxation are the primary medical properties in our experience.

Grow Medium

Grows extremely well in hydroponic systems yet also functions admirably in soil and greenhouse conditions. Serious Seeds recommends a 5-multi day veg period from clones for greatest yield and life.


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